What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is simply defined as a process of protecting our systems, networks or sensitive data from digital attacks.  The aim of these threads is to access or change or destroy sensitive information of a user. So in order to be protective, a perfect cybersecurity approach is a must. Cybersecurity strategy consists of multiple layers of protection that can safeguard sensitive data from hackers.

As we are in a connected world the risk of cyberattacks is gradually increasing, so in order to stay away from these attacks, Cybersecurity helps in protecting our data and private information securely in the digital space.

We at Cyber Software Institute offer various courses from ethical hacking, Cryptography, SOC, Splunk with hands-on demonstration. So, enroll now to get assistance from industry professionals and work on real-time projects to obtain vital security skills.

SOC (Security Operations Center) :

SOC Security Operations Center acts as a hub that is closely monitored, detect, analyze them and take necessary actions to prevent cyber-attacks in the future. SOC is mainly responsible for monitoring and improving an organization’s security posture.

ArcSight :

ArcSight is an ESM (Enterprise Security Manager) platform, specially designed to monitor and track the data insights and manage the security policies within an organization. It helps to detect, analyze the security-related threads within a short period of time in order to improve productivity. With ArcSight, we would get more accurate and faster recognition of threads as it stores the data for long-term use cases.

Advantages of ArcSight Tool :

  • Helps to monitor threats across your enterprise
  • Faster detection of threats
  • Automated response that saves your time
  • Improves the customer experience

Our ArcSight training course teaches you everything from basic operations to a brief overview of ArcSight Event Schema and Lifecycle, ESM Console, ArcSight Content Management, ESM Installation and Configuration Filters and Field Sets, Workflow Cases, Active Channels, etc.

Qradar :

Qradar is a security information and event management (SIEM) platform that collects log data from an enterprise, applications, network devices, vulnerabilities, etc., and then processes, aggregates, and stores network data in real-time. Qradar uses real-time analysis of the collected data to discover threads as quickly as possible without causing huge damage.

Here in our Qradar training course, you will be having a holistic view of the basic concepts of QRadar architecture and data flows, navigation to the user interface, investigating offences. You will be able to search and analyze the information from which QRadar concluded a suspicious activity.

Splunk :

Splunk is a tool utilized for searching, monitoring, visualizing, and evaluating machine-generated data on a real-time basis. Then it performs capturing, indexing, and correlates the information in a container to make it available for searchable, generate alerts, reports, and visualizations. The vital benefit of Splunk is indexing which is used to store data, so there is no separate database required to store its information.

Benefits of Splunk :

  • Better GUI with dashboards
  • Faster troubleshooting with instant results
  • Best approach for root cause analysis
  • Explore and search for specific results

We at Cyber Software Institute our Splunk course makes the students learn how to use, search and navigate in Splunk efficiently and to generate reports, dashboards, lookups, alerts. Even we introduce you to Splunk’s datasets features and Pivot interface.

Azure Sentinel :

Azure Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) platform that uses built-in AI to monitor a large amount of data quickly. Azure Sentinel collects data from all sources including users, applicants, and servers, in multiple clouds and delivers accurate solutions for alert detection, proactive hunting, threat visibility, and threat response. Detect the undetected threats, investigate them with artificial intelligence and suspect the suspicious activity and respond to it with built-in orchestration. It allows viewing the millions of records in a few seconds.

Advantages of Azure Sentinel :

  • Provide accurate data integration
  • Threat Protection Smarter and Faster
  • Saves time and money

Here at Cyber Software Institute Azure Sentinel Training Course provide in-depth knowledge of the various phases of Azure Sentinel components and functionalities.